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Your amazing, entrepreneurial life
Jan 28, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin

In quiet contemplation on a crisp, winter's morning, before the waxing of the sun and stirring family, I am filled with warmth. You are the source. You, my entrepreneurial friends.

I look at you, beaming at me from the self-assurance of your ethereal online persona. And I consider the marvel that is your amazing life. In you, I see greatness, majesty. I see all the possibility in your actively fashioned life. You strive for excitement, for the extraordinary, for inspiration and your magic abounds. You dream the unimaginable. Your flair and vision and initiative and sheer determination is wizardry personified and we are all in your thrall. You celebrate the love in your life. You dare to raise children. You explore the world and courageously pursue your passion. You strive to improve yourself. You fearlessly transition to a new life. You face your adversity with dignity. You are confident to be who you are, unfiltered, unmasked. You show your generosity, your charm, your spirit. You do it all with the relentless optimism of a life fully met.

So, my friends, I am moved. I am humbled.