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What's stopping your growth? Reason #2
Feb 11, 2020  |  Kenelm Tonkin


You’re a business owner rightfully proud of your achievements. You’re saying, “Look, I don’t need to systematize my business. I’m up and running. I got here without systematizing. I know what I’m doing.”

So Reason #2 for not systematizing your business is that:

“I know best.”

Well, congratulations on launching your startup and actually surviving. You’re ahead of most founders who attempt this amazing feat.

I’m applauding. Honestly. I want you to succeed.

So I’m curious … how are you going to achieve 2X, 5X, 10X revenue growth?

I’m genuinely interested.

Let’s talk because if you know a way to do that which doesn’t involve creating a blueprint for your business, an operating formula which describes exactly how you want your business to run, I’m all ears.

Like you, I like to be open to ideas because I’ve discovered in life that no-one has a monopoly of wisdom.

What I see is that business owners who’ve won the hardscrabble game of surviving the Startup Phase but aren’t growing, are probably exercising the same skills used to survive. What I’ve discovered is that this won’t get you to the next level. Continuing to do what you’ve done may ultimately result in the collapse of your business. Business owners moving from startup to scaling need new skills and a technique to advance. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is dangerous now.

At any rate, if all you gained for a quick 15 Minute Introduction Call with me was one new idea and a stronger business connection, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Introduction Call with me here:


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