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What's stopping your growth? Reason #1
Feb 10, 2020  |  Kenelm Tonkin


Are you a business owner who has survived the precarious Startup Phase but now struggle to achieve growth of the genuine 2X, 5X, 10X we all want?

In this punchy 5 part series offered daily over this next week, I’m going to share with you why you’re experiencing this stall.

I’m going to put a mirror in front of you. If you recognize your entrepreneurial self in this week-long series of vignettes, I’ve done my job.


Let’s explore why you haven’t systematized your business yet so your company will scale rapidly.

Today, it’s Reason #1 …

“I didn’t know I had to systematize my business!”

If no-one has told you, here’s my free advice. You need to systematize your business.

You need to start now.

If you don’t, you’ll live a harrowed, tiring life as a business owner.

And you’ll never scale to the 2X, 5X 10X heights you need in order to have a stable, reliable operation.

Once you systematize:

  • You’ll have time to look after your health
  • You’ll have time for your family and friends
  • You’ll have time for vacations
  • Your business won’t stop when you stop
  • You’ll have time to concentrate on strategic, growth tasks
  • You’ll be able to scale your business
  • You’ll have an operating blueprint you can shop around to an acquirer
  • You’ll be able to sell your business for a higher valuation giving you authentic financial independence.

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