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Thank you note to team
Oct 6, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin

Business team

Teams are great!

Frankly, what would we business owners do without them? Answer: less!

We magnify our impact on the world and our market with a good team. After all, one person has only 24 hours in a day.

So, when you drive your team to success and even when success is just around the corner, it pays to appreciate them.

Now, you can pay them double. That’s one form of appreciation. The problem is that will put you out of business very quickly and that helps no-one.

There are countless other ways of showing your appreciation.  The one I like best but don’t do nearly enough is a thank you note to the team.

Writing a note is great because:

  1. You personally recognize your team’s performance in your own words;
  2. You make your praise public and therefore influence your business culture and set benchmarks;
  3. You memorialize the praise so it becomes like a testimonial or reference which can be re-read by the recipients even many years later;
  4. You strengthen team cohesion by communicating to the team, about the team;
  5. You craft your words more precisely than a off-the-cuff remark, so the message is tonally accurate;
  6. You signal the gravitas and importance of the appreciation by the time you took to write it;
  7. You show your human side and old fashioned good breeding.

Here’s one I sent today:

Dear Inner Circle of Eight,

First, thank you!

Yesterday was definitely helter-skelter! We were busy. We were frantic. And I put you under tremendous pressure at short notice to see how we’d perform for our first webinar to bring Entrepreneurs Life to fruition. You are all pros and dedicated. I’m grateful you are on my team. You’re the best.

Specifically ...


Thanks for dedicating half a day to investigate the technical side of streaming, posting on Facebook and attending the webinar. Thanks for taking the load off me to project manage the Blueprint pages so I could concentrate elsewhere. What a business partner. First class!


Thanks for working with the men on streaming and studio set-up. I put you under sudden pressure to achieve this and you came up trumps. Impressive!


Thanks for talking to the converter manufacturer’s help desk to configure the streaming hardware. Thanks for setting-up the studio with Hereward without notice to record two reminder emails, charging the batteries and filming. Thanks for being the floor manager for the live stream. Amazing!


Thanks for setting-up the studio with Lysander without notice to record those two reminder emails, including the all-important lighting. Thanks for creating a table for the laptop so I could actually see what the audience was saying during the live presentation. Super!


Thanks for happily developing a better email template in MailChimp including video embedding, and for producing and being willing to say what you did in the video testimonial. Thanks for the FB post. Thanks for sending out that email and the 1 hour reminder email and setting up the 5 minute reminder email. This is all well beyond the PPC tasks I brought you on to perform and is going above the call of duty. Stellar!


Thanks for working 925 hours extra over the last 3 days just to meet my crazy deadlines! Without you, we’d not have had something to sell. Thanks for contacting me during your weekend just to find out how the webinar went. You care. Magic!


Thanks for producing the Blueprint pages. You know, they look amazing. In fact, in marketing this webinar, someone specifically commented that the site looks exceptional. We already know this, of course. It’s because you’re a gifted and dedicated designer. Sensational!


Thanks for producing two email reminder videos. I gave you no notice and pressured you for fast delivery. What you gave me was a work of art, and that with me as the subject, no small feat. Genius!

This is all to say that we put in a Herculean effort yesterday and I am humbled by it.

Thank you!


When was the last time you sent a thank you note to your team?