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I Know You
Nov 4, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin


I know you.

I see you daily. In my mind, I picture you with deep respect and admiration.

You’re that rare and amazing creator, that visionary, the great experimenter who takes a chance.  The one who makes a declaration and takes a stand, whatever the odds.

And some may discourage, laugh or warn you not to try.

But I know you, your resolve forged quietly in the night and bold action in the day.

You will not be stopped. You listen humbly to those in need. You hear their pain. You resolve to improve their lives and can’t help but turn your active mind to the task. And amidst the resulting buzz and energy and drive, you create opportunity and employ the willing. Step by relentless step, you evangelize your mission to the world.

And when they tell your story, they’ll say this: you loved your family and they loved you; you were a great provider; honest; a catalyst of prosperity for those you met; a solver of problems; a contributor to society; a force of nature, of action and boundless grit; a lion.

I know you. You are entrepreneur.

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