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How to advertise on Facebook
Oct 11, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin

So you want to know how to advertise on Facebook.


Don’t advertise on Columbus Day. *smile*

As that tip sinks in, let me share with you my latest marketing experiment ....


Will cost-per-lead for an opt-in landing page exceed the average of the day before and after Columbus Day?

I made sure there were no changes to audience targeting, advertisement copy, image or placement.

Cost-Per-Lead (Day Before): $9.89
Cost-Per-Lead (Columbus Day): $40.84
Cost-Per-Lead (Day After): $8.40
Average Cost-Per-Lead (Day Before & Day After): $9.15

Yes, the cost-per-lead does exceed the average of the day before and after the holiday. $40.84 is 446% higher than $9.15.

Save 446% on Facebook advertising. Do not advertise on Columbus Day.

Of course, these are the results for my product, audience, copy, image and placement. Have you run Facebook advertisements on Columbus Day? What were your results? What about other holidays?