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How can children learn entrepreneurial skills?
Mar 4, 2019  |  Kenelm Tonkin


I have some firm opinions about this which are working well for my three children.

Revering action over lethargy is a great start. Climbing trees, chasing squirrels and flying kites is much more the preparation than some unwholesome pixelated entertainment behind closed doors.

Grant permission to explore. The greatest explorers make mistakes. So, granting permission to explore means embracing temporary set-backs as the path towards success.

Cultivate brainstorming, that is to say allow ideas to be born. Nothing suffocates the natural vivacity of a child more than a parent who says ‘that won’t work.’ Allow ideas to flourish. Don’t render them stillborn.

Ask your children what problems they see people experiencing. Challenge them to solve those problems in practical ways.

Teach them the preciousness of time. Show them how to allocate time proportionately for task, and keep them moving along. Wandering procrastination is the enemy of results and action.

So, you might them offer projects. Give your children space to assume responsibility for a creation from start to finish. Let them experience the satisfaction of creation and responsibility. Allow them to learn on their own, success or failure.

Teach your children how to assess performance. Take them to a restaurant. Ask them what they think of the service and whether they’d hire that person to work in their restaurant.

And finally, teach the art of selling. Pitching ideas, anticipating and overcoming objections, as well as closing deals are life skills for jobs and marriage as much as products and services. Let them experience rejection, the need for perseverance and victory.

You can find more on this PLUS A FANTASTIC VIDEO WITH A BONUS TIP on developing entrepreneurial traits in children: Entrepreneurs Life | TIPS

I hope you found this useful.