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How I tripled my business in 10 weeks
Jul 20, 2018  |  Kenelm Tonkin


I'm absolutely excited right now and the reason is you know that I have other businesses that I'm an active entrepreneur I'm not just trying to sell my online courses here entrepreneurs life is one business that I have and it's my way I guess of giving back to the business community to aspiring business owners like you.

My tip here comes straight from my initiative on one of my businesses - Customerze - which is an inbound customer service and technical support call centre based in Manila, the Philippines. In the ten weeks since I last sent a video to you, I've actually tripled the size of that business and, in doing so, I've put myself into a top 1% United States personal income. You can do that too in 10 weeks if you apply some of the lessons from my courses.

Let me give you a tip that I think is central to how I achieved what I did in the last 10 weeks: business is a social game. It's all about people. You personally cannot do everything yourself and there are only 24 hours a day, of which 8 hours are spent sleeping.

So you need to work through people. You need a team.

This was accentuated for me - the one hundredth million times - since my business is on the other side of the planet. I live in New York but the business is in Manila. So, in order to sleep, I needed people operating there.

If you know how to gather really good talent, train them and manage them to the pre-defined performance level you're seeking from them, you have unlocked the mystery to amplified income. Finally, you begin to ween your business from your direct labour, at least in part. And that achievement will manifest all sorts of growth benefits when taken to its logical conclusion.

I just want to leave that thought with you. Business is a social game. Master that and you've unlocked the keys to business.

Now I'd love your reaction to this, your experiences in gathering a team to amplify your income. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, share the information so that we can all learn.

Happy hunting!