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5 Tips for an amazing weekend
Nov 17, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin


Don't work on the weekendsWeekends ...

Do you faithfully observe them? Or have you allowed work to slowly intrude into your downtime?

We used to keep weekends for rest and relaxation. There's a reason we've traditionally done this.

I don't agree that people should have to work 60 hour weeks. If we do business right, we can avoid that cliche. We need rest. We need to recharge. We need to be healthy.

Our bodies work best with 8 hours rest daily and mental breaks from the hunt for a dollar.

Now if you're anything like the business owners and highly driven people I know, you might find it hard to switch off mentally. Here are some techniques I use each weekend:

  1. Disconnecting. Smart phones, Skype, email, notification bleeps and the Internet generally are addictive. True ... addictive. On the weekends, turn them all off. Live! Unchain yourself.
  2. Adventuring. Do something physical. It's late fall. There's time for cycling, hiking, outdoor exploration, jumping in the scarlet leaves, canoeing, hot-air ballooning or even drinking spiced cidar by your backyard fire-pit.
  3. Comtemplating. Be still. Yes, work will start to come to mind. But practice being still in mind and body. Try it for 30 minutes. It's harder than you think but if you achieve it, you'll be as refreshed as an 8 hour sleep.
  4. Daring. Try something you've never done or haven't done in years. Write a letter to a long-lost friend or compose a poem. Confidently walk into a sassy cocktail lounge and make heads turn. Buy a gift for someone who won't expect it. Start reading quality literature like the Count of Monte Cristo rather than another self-help book or mind-numbing cable TV. Buy a canvass and paint. Eat a firey red hot Thai curry. Write to someone famous you admire. Choreograph a breathtakingly romantic experience and seduce your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, just for the fun of it. Dance to music with a strong beat. Sing, play a musical instrument, do both.
  5. Playing. If you have children, play with them. Enjoy their creativity and become part of their world. You'll be lost for hours of fun and it renews you.

Whatever you do this weekend. Relax. Monday will come soon enough and you need to be ready to charge ahead.

Happy weekend!