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4 Phases in the life of your business
Dec 4, 2017  |  Kenelm Tonkin


Thanks to everyone who took part in The Pre-Weekend Business Dream Challenge! The response was fantastic and I'm looking forward to all the one-on-one sessions with you. Amazing!

Businessman happyOK. Let's quickly change topic.

There are 4 phases in the life of your business. Tell me in the comments below which one best describes your business:

You give birth to your company and instantly become the center of its operational life. Congratulations! You're a parent-figure. If the launch happened recently, it's still fresh and exciting. If the launch happened a while back and you're still small, maybe the excitment is ebbing a bit. You're in the trenches. There's some growth, but it's not seizmic and the operation stops if you're not present.

Your creation grows a little but doesn't behave as you want. You guide performance with instructions which start simply and develop more complexity. You begin weening the business off you with business systems: people, procedures, policies, technology and loads of documentation ... the lot!

As your instructions successfully guide and empower performance, your business grows, often faster than you imagined. You have to adjust to the new reality that your operation shows signs of independence from you. You control less and monitor more as your creation emerges into autonomy.

Business nirvanaTHE SALE PHASE
Now robust and independent of you, it's time to let go by selling your business. When that day comes, there are mixed emotions. There's a slight tinge of feeling obsolete but mainly you're proud. Best of all, you are rewarded for all your hard work from the early phases with the biggest payday of your life.

THE SYSTEMIZE & SCALE BLUEPRINT course is the only program I'm aware of which successfully takes business owners from The Start-Up Phase to The Sale Phase. Practical techniques and tools are given to you so your business is no longer reliant on you being there. There's a proven, structured approach to achieving this business nirvana.

Once you've completed THE SYSTEMIZE & SCALE BLUEPRINT, larger companies will start knocking on your door with offers to acquire your business.

And that's when you achieve the biggest pay-day of your life as a business owner.

So, let's start. Share which of the four phases you're up to in the comment section below.

Happy hunting.